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Students Besiege Centres As YOF Conducts 2016 Scholarship Examinations

Afolabi Idowu
Thousand of candidates nationwide plagued the seven selected centres for the maiden edition of Yomi Otubela Foundation Scholarship (YOF) Examinations, held on Saturday 16 June, 2016. The exams, which focus on Mathematics only, took place in Lagos, Oyo, Kano, Rivers, Enugu, Gombe and FCT Abuja..
Founder of the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Chief Yomi Otubela, who said, he was committed to assisting the less previledge, through scholarship awards, to students of outstanding academic qualities, especially in Mathematics throughout Nigeria, was elated with the turn out of the students who are between the age of 9 and 14 and between basic 4 and SS1 classes. The students have earlier registered for the scholarship examinations by obtaining and completing form on line via yomiotubelafoundation.org
Speaking on the foundation, Otubela said that the scholarship was borne out of the desire to encourage outstanding academic performance among youths in Mathematics throughout Nigeria. “This was borne out of the desire to encourage young and enterprising brains and to inject in them the spirit of a rewarding competition. By this way, the foundation hopes to enhance the spirit of academic growth which hitherto seems to be waning or dropping by leaps and bounds.” Otubela said.
Chief Otubela took time to explain to the parents and guardians at the Lagooz schools complex in Agege, also the Lagos examination center, how he went through thick and thin before he could finished his secondary and tertiary education. He commended his mother’s who went through a lots of hardship before he could succeed as a man. “My father would have come to our aid but he died when I was in primary 3, so the journey was tough for me and my siblings” He lamented.
Parents and guardians at the centres showered encomium and Chief Otubela and the committee members of the foundation for establishing the charity organization and transparency displayed, during the registration for the exams and even in the examination halls. They encourage the founder to continue its good works without relenting his efforts in seeing to the plight of the brilliant but helpless students. They also pleaded with the founder to extend the benefits to tertiary school students. They went further to call on many other capable and financially buoyant in the society to emulate Yomi Otubela Foundation as a matter of giving to the young ones in the society.
 On the choice of Mathematics, He said that it is equally true that the world can only be advanced through science and technology. “My question therefore is; can science and technology be meaningful without mathematics? Again, if we don’t engage in or give the young ones those things that will motivate them to love Mathematics, will the world not dwindle to the historical “Dark Ages” or I should say, primitivism?” Otubela said that there is the need to drive young boys and girls in primary and secondary school into the full acceptance of Mathematics.
After the exams, which lasted for about one and half hours, the candidates thank the organizers of the foundation exams for the opportunity given to them to be part of the historic feat. Most of the candidates expressed satisfaction about the process at which the exam was being conducted and were optimistic that they would qualify for the scholarship. The students who score 75% and above in the mathematics examination will be given scholarship to finish his or her primary or secondary schools
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