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Educationist Lauds King’s College As Choice School


The Director, Basic and Secondary Education,Federal Ministry of Education, Mr. Daniel Uwaezuoke has said that King’s College Lagos remain one of the country’s choice secondary schools, irrespective of challenges. Uwaezuoke stated this in Lagos recently, while on tour of facilities of the college in response to the protest by some parents. Reacting to the persistent criticism by a group of parents, under aegis of Concerned Parents, he said the king’s college remains one of the best colleges among the 104 colleges across the country.

According to him, the facilities in both campuses of the college are effective and functional to standard. He said that there was the need for these concerned parents to thread with caution in order to avoid disrupting the peace that the institution had enjoyed over the years. “I have come down here to do a facility tour of both campuses of this college. What we saw on the pages of newspaper was alarming.

“Before coming down here, I had picked on two major things that the agitators were harping on. But I am happy, I have come here to see things for myself and having gone round, I found to my dismay that those agitations were false. “Here, we saw water and the impression we had when we saw the interview at the head quarters in Abuja was that there was no portable or running water in the school but we went round and saw borehole everywhere, functional for that matter.

“We also heard of poor sanitary condition in the campuses and I have seen things for myself too and it is not as bad as we read because like I said somewhere, while on the facility tour, that if this is window dressing, I will know. This is because I have spent 21 years at the Federal Inspectorate Service. “From what I saw concerning the toilets and other facilities, I would not say this is window dressing,’’ he said. According to him, a school of the size of King’s college with the number of children it cannot be said that the management was doing badly considering the pressure for access.

“I strongly do not think the sanitary condition and other issues raised by this group of people are correct and as bad as they have been painting it and that is why I called for caution. “I think for a school like this to have come this far, taking care of its work force to ensures that things work out well and at the same time ensure the best practices towards impacting qualitative education to Nigerian child, only needs to be encouraged and supported rather than being attacked and castigated . “I think these people protested based on misinformation or maybe they could have something else at the back of their minds, one can never tell,’’ he said.

He said, he was equally happy over the provision of two standard barbing saloon built by PTA, as well as an iconic five-storey hostel project on ground that was nearing completion in an attempt to cater for accommodation’s challenge. According to him, “I saw to my dismay, a barbing saloon with class and standard.

Incidentally in some other schools, parents were even fighting management to introduce barbing saloon and here we are with state-of -art equipment with sterilizers intact. “ I do not think that the college PTA as a body is doing badly in this school. I am very happy with the kind of projects I saw on ground by the PTA and I also remember that the immediate past Minister of state also commented about the efforts of the college PTA in the area of boarding facilities.

“I think I will like to say a big thank you for intervening in the areas of needs of this institution,” According to Uwaezuoke , the actions of these concerned parents were uncalled for and unfortunate. He explained that rather than waging war against the college management and the PTA, they should seek for avenues through which they could channel whatever grievances they have for peaceful resolutions. He said that the ministry was worried by the action.

Titus Eleweke

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