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Don Wants Rebranding Of Africa To Reduce Western Dependence

A don at Virginal State University United States for America, Prof. Nana Derby has advocated for the rebranding of African identities. Prof. Derby who is a professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice, said to pull away from Western domination, Africans must embrace the developmental philosophy of the founding fathers that fought for her freedom of the continent.

“I do not in any way advocate the secession of African nations from the rest of world” “Rather I endorse the optimism of the African-centred growth and development that the men and women who spearheaded our freedom instigated “ “How do we establish the foundation so proclaimed several decades ago, and what identities do we project for ourselves. Who speaks for Africa? And how do we build that Africa capable of managing her own affairs?” Debbie said. Derby who is a Fulbright scholar of the Convenat university ,Ota, Ogun state made the called while delivering Covenant University public lectures series titled : ‘A Deconstructionist Alternative In Post-Development African’ recently .

According to her , the attainment of political independence and the choices of dependency and modernisation plunged African deeper into the world system, not as equal partners, but as dependants and champions of the periphery noted for subservience, deprivation and vulnerability. She said in economic terms, our dependency and peripheral locations were suggestive of long-term trade imbalances, deficits, and limited foreign exchange earnings.

‘’To deconstruct, the continent need to decontextualise our identities, celebrate our differences, and critically reappraise the identities that processes of exploitation, colonization, enslavement, post colonialism, and economic dependence bestowed on African’’ she said. According to Derby, over the last 50 years, African dependence on Western aids has done her more harm than good, despite that she can tap on her inner deposits to better her lot. ‘’ For over 50 years, African’ dependence on foreign aid has been detrimental: yet the continent failed to advocate locally acquired programmes fitting valuable tour citizens and judiciously centred on our unique characteristics,’’ Derby said.

To add more salt into the injury, African leaders made themselves tools for the emergence of sustenance of African’   s negative and poor economic performances as well as detrimental to continent growth” he lamented . According to her, the heavy dependence of African nation on Western countries had been attributed to dysfunctional Institution, bribery, mismanagement and misappropriation of state funds. ‘’Unfortunately, the funds are misappropriated or siphoned illicitly into personal venture, leaving the states with very little to show for their mounting debts,’’ she said. African nations needs to step out of the perpetual modernization and dependency- driven development to usher herself into the post-development era of self-reliance, Derby said.

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