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Don Advocates Restructuring Of Engineering Programmes

Titus Eleweke

A Chief Lecturer at Department of Food Technology and Agricultural Technology, Yaba College of Technology, (Yabatech), Mrs. Idiat Amusu has called for the restructuring of Mechanical Engineering programme in nation’s tertiary institutions to include Reverse Engineering (RE).

She described Reverse Engineering (RE) as a process of measuring, analyzing, and testing to reconstruct the mirror image of an object.

“ It is also “the adjustment, alteration, or partial replacement of a product in order to change its function, adapting it to meet a new need.”

The don added that RE techniques have been applied in many key areas of industries in order to design new components, reproduction of an existing component, and recovery of a damaged or broken component, development of model precision, observation of a numerical data. According to her, China started her industrial revolution with the reverse engineering programme and today it has mastered the technology.

Amusu made the call recently while delivering the Yabatech 8th Inaugural Lecture, 2015 titled ‘Reverse Engineering: Panacea To Waste Not want Not’ held at the institution’s premises.

According to Amusu, the reverse engineering programme will also include computer aiding manufacturing as a course and technological change as well as innovations to lay the foundation for the development of silicon valley.

She said that for the reverse engineering to be effective, there must be a back up with appropriate equipment and relevant staff training so that it would be ingrained on the students upon graduation.

Amusu said that China has been able to achieve its Industrial breakthrough, through the reverse engineering initiative which they used at the early stage to copy other technologies to develop their own technologies.

“Recall, how the products and services from China were often called imitation ,knock offs, counterfeit and fake. Same were also said of the Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese products ,but today they have mastered those technologies “ she added.

She also called on government and the Nigerian Society of Engineers as well as other stakeholders in the country to work together to re -vitalize the technical education programmes for secondary and technical schools as well as tertiary institutions. According to her, this will create solid foundation for metal fabrication industry and manufacturing industry in the country.

She further called on government to provide enough fund for the procurement of adequate and relevant equipment and machinery for institutional technical workshops and laboratories. According to Amusu, this will enhance the teaching and learning of technical and vocational engineering in Nigeria.

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