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Woman Kills Son She Had For Her Father

A 26-year-old woman Funmilayo Tijani has stabbed her three -year-old boy to death following an alleged complicity on the paternity of the child.

Xavier Ndanyongmong

A 26-year-old woman Funmilayo Tijani has stabbed her three -year-old boy to death following an alleged complicity on the paternity of the child. The father was alleged to have been in a relationship with his daughter which resulted in the birth of the child. The suspect who is being quizzed at the Homicide department of the Police Ogun State Command has revealed that she killed her son to avoid embarassment as she was impregnated by her father and it has become very difficult for her to keep the baby. According to her, it has even become very difficult for her to bear the burden of catering for the child’s needs particularly his education. The woman had earlier told the police at the Sango division that based on the reasons she has taken the firm stand of terminating the life of the child to enable her live her normal life.

According to her, she is tired of the incessant sex demands by her father which resulted in the first pregnancy and she was not willing to continue with that kind of life to avoid another. Police investigations revealed that the woman who is unhappy with the situation had stabbed the boy severally before he finally died. Our source said, residents of the area had thronged the No. 3, Ogunso Street, Orelope Estate, sango Ota, Ogun State on May 27, to have a glimpse of the child who was sprawling on the floor in the pool of his own blood. Sources said it was widely known that the relationship between the man and her daughter had resulted to the birth of the child John Emmanuel a pupils of Mega Care Private School, also at Sango.

Father of the woman, Adeyanju Tijani, said he got wind of the incident through a friend at about 4pm on that fateful day about the death of the child and he rushed back home only to meet how her daughter stabbed his son to death. The father had lamented over the killing expressing shock what could have happened to her daughter to cause such havoc. When asked to comment on the allegation that the child was the product of his alleged sex escapades with her daughter he denied “ since I lost their mother 20- year ago, I have been living under this same roof with my children and nothing like that happened.I think there is a problem somewhere, probably she has gone mad.

“I don’t have any relationship with any of my daughters, we are living in the same room they are my children how do I sleep with them. This is an abomination, why should she do a thing like this,” he queried. Sources said the woman took the bold step to kill the child because of her inability to cater for the child’s needs. “I think she killed the child in anger, before she killed the child, she had gone to borrow money from somebody to cook for the child but she wasn’t successful. I was surprise when I saw people gathered at their house that she had stab her son to death.”

Another source revealed that the woman has suffered a lot in providing for the child even when she has no meaningful source of livelihood adding that it has become very difficult even to pay the child’s school fees. The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi said, the woman was arrested immediately but putting up some strange behaviors when questioned about the crime. He however said, the remains of the boy have been recovered and deposited at the mortuary, while a medical research would conducted on the mother to know her state of mind.

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