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Robbery Suspect Implicates Friend

Xavier Ndanyongmong

A robbery suspect, Ahmed Adekeye a native of Iwo Village, in Isi Local Government Area, Kwara State who implicated his friend that he is a member of their robbery gang has confessed that he did that as a sure way to secure his bail. The suspect was arrested by a vigilante group in a robbery incident which he was involved on May 2, at Imude, Ajamgbadi Area of Lagos State. During the operation, five members of the gang managed to escape but Adekeye was arrested.

Sources said some hours later the vigilante group arrested another person identified as Tunde Akambi and marched him to the compound where the robbers had earlier robbed. The suspect was tie with rope and forced to confess his participation in the robbery. At that point Adekeye told their captors that one Tunde Akambi was a member of their gang and he was also arrested. It was gathered that the suspects were handed over to Ajamgbadi Police division and were later transferred to the Lagos State Command Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) for a discreet investigation.

During interrogation Adekeye confessed that he implicated Akambi so that his family would come to bail them out from police cell. “Akambi is from a wealthy family and I know that his people would not allow him to die in police cell. I mentioned his name because I knew even if they want to release him the police will not want him alone to be released while I will be charged to court, I am an orphan and nobody would come for me so that was why I mentioned   him.

He was not involved and he is not our member,” Adekeye explained. Police spokesman Lagos State Kenneth Nwosu who confirmed the arrest explained that the police was is still investigating the incident adding that the suspects would be charged to court as soon as investigations are completed. He explained that Akambi after a thoroughly investigations have been exonerated by those who implicated him and the police in its independent investigations had discovered that he was framed and has further been released to his family. Speaking to The Union Adekeye pleaded for forgiveness from his friend “Please tell Akambi to forgive me the devil made me to implicate him.

I did not want to die in police cell as I don’t have anyone to come for my release that was why I mentioned him. I was convinced that if he was arrested along,their family members will come for our release from cell. “Six of us “myself, Ahmed, Aloma, Tunde, Lekan, and Biodun went for that operation and I was the only person arrested,” he said. Explaining how he joined in the the robbery operation, Adekeye who live in Suru Alaba, Lagos in the Mile 12 area of Lagos said his friends one Aloma, a shoe maker had called him to meet him at Ilogbo, Ajamgbadi area at about 9:30pm. “I met him with four of his friends   at an Indian hemp smoking joint owned by Aloma.

“They were armed with three cutlasses and three wooden batons and we went to Orisa Street, Imude and stayed in an uncompleted building at about 10:00pm and about 1:30pm, we went for the operation. There are four flats in the compound and we broke the door of one of the self contained and demanded for money. The victim refused to cooperate with us and Aloma stabbed him on the head but the man refused to surrender and raised an alarm which attracted neighbours and vigilante group in the area. “At that point other tenants in other houses also raised the alarm and when we realized that there was danger we flee to different directions. I ran to Mile 2 but I was traced to the area by the vigilante group and members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

“When I was arrested they asked for the names of my other gang members and I told them including Akambi. “When we were handed over to the Police I insisted that Tunde is one of us and I wrote same in my statement to the police. “We were transferred to SARS I still insisted that Akambi is one of us but he (Akambi) denied. “He was beaten severely and when he cried looking at me I felt guilty and I opened up to the police because he was innocent,” Adekeye narrated. The innocent man Akambi a native of Okesuna area of Ilorin and a student of Arabic Studies denied ever belonging to any armed robbery gang or being involved in any robbery operation.

“ I was surprise, on that day I just finished my prayer and was returning home when a motorbike with one   person cornered me at about 7am. I was waiting to board a bus and they asked me what I was doing at the bus stop and replied that I was waiting for a bus and the next question was where I was coming from.I told him I was coming from the mosque where I went to pray. “They held me on my cloth and tore my shirt, they called me a thief I was dumbfounded it was like a dream to me and I tried to free myself from them but as the crowd was increasing they forced me to climb their motorbike.

That was how I was taken to Orise where I met Ahmed with hands and legs tie with rope. They asked for my name and I told them. At that point, they asked Adekeye whether I was one of them and he confirmed. I was detained for three days in police cell before we were transferred to SARS. Adekeye told the OC SARS that I was innocent, he confessed that he implicated me for reasons best known to him. “The officer ordered that I should be handed over to my people. Adekeye has apologized to me and I have accepted his apology but I have left everything to God. It was a sad experience,” he explained.

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