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Police Nab Most Wanted Robbery Gang Leader

Most wanted armed robbery gang leader, Wahab Hassan, alias Webo, who had remained elusive has finally been arrested by the police.

Xavier Ndanyongmong

One of the most wanted armed robbery gang leaders Wahab Hassan who had remained elusive and has been out of police reach has finally been arrested. The 28-year-old suspect was nabbed by police detectives attached to the police Lagos special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) who had laid a siege on him for this long. The suspect has been named as the leader of several gang that has been terrorizing the Badagry axis of Lagos State.

Most of the criminals arrested along that axis have been pointing accusing fingers at Webo who they claimed is their leader. He was reported to be a mastermind in the robbery of restaurants, petrol stations, businessmen who transact business at the neighbouring Benin Republic as well as Okokomaiko, Ajamgbadi, Agbara, Morogbo Badagri.

Apart from these he has the magic wand of disappearing before the arrival of police operatives at the scene of crime even when his accomplices are apprehended and made to face the wrath of the law. The suspect we gathered was the one who planned the attack of De-Sholly petrol station manager at Morogbo area of the state on Febraury 23, where N6.8million was snatched from the petrol station manager after he was shot on the armpit.

Webo had led an eight- man fully armed robbery gang for that operation. More fact came to the fore following Webo’s arrest as he revealed that a staff of the filling station gave the information to the robbers about the large sum of money in the company which his boss would be taking to the bank for deposit.

Webo was said to have mobilized his boys who moved swiftly for the operation which was highly successful as the whole money was successfully robbed. The staff of the petrol station was said to have informed one Lucky Egoaho his brother who is still at large to help organize robbers to snatch the money. Police investigations revealed that Lucky had contacted Webo whom he knew to be a gang leader for the operation.

The gang we gathered was armed with four locally made pistols and four Bajaj motorcycles and converged on Agbara motorcycle park pretending as if they were waiting for passengers. Webo as the leader had briefed the gang on their roles and had allocated them with rifles for a successful operation. Webo told the police that he was inside the petrol station and was communicating through the telephone with his boys who were already stationed outside waiting for instructions.

“I was standing close to the fence of the station and was communicating with Lucky and as soon as the money was brought out from the office to be taken to the bank Webo was immediately contacted and we trailed the car carrying the money with our motorcycles. We opened fire on the man and collected the money. We shot him because he was not willing to cooperate immediately, he hit one of our motorcycle which we abandoned at the scene,” he explained.

Hassan Wahab popularly known as Webo was born in 1984 a native of Badagry in Lagos state who live at 17 Akinola Street, Igando is a welder. He told The Union why he is in police detention” I was arrested for robber (sic). We robbed at Agbara in Ogun State. We robbed De-Sholly filling station where we collected N6.8million.

We were eight in the operation,I shared the money and mine was N800,000, l used part of my share to buy a motorcycle and aIso rented a room and parlor in Ifon Road, along Cele Bus Stop in Ogun State”. When asked to mention the places he and his gang had robbed he said “We have carried out operations for about six times. We robbed a cyber cafe in Okokomaiko and collected monies, phones and lap tops.

We shared the items and I was given phones and lap top. I sold the lap top for N48,000 at Alaba market. “We robbed an eatery at Shibiri Road, Ajamgbadi. The operation was carried out at about 8pm. We realized only N30,000 and four phones. We were four in number in the operation. Other three of my friends have escaped and I was given one of the big phones from the operation and N5,000. “We also robbed a restaurant along Okokomaiko Road, it was about 8pm. We realised only N12,000 and two phones.

I got N4,000. “Another operation was when we robbed a beer parlour in Ajamgbadi and collected N22,000 from the lady who owns the shop when she was about to close and another operation was after attending a matriculation ceremony at the Gateway Polytechnic in Ogun State. We were invited for the matriculation by our members in the Eiye cult.

“I am the fourth man in rank in that cult, we were drunk and while we were coming we entered a car wash at Ogun State where we robbed them of N6,000 and one phone at gun point,” he explained. When asked how many guns the gang has he replied “Hefty has a gun, Baba Iyabo has two guns. I bought my gun from one Omonile for N17,000. We have never killed anybody during operation. We have never wounded anybody except in the filling station operation. It was hefty(Nduka) that fired him. He live at Iba Estate.I became a armed robber through cultism,” he explained.

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