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Man Kills Friend For Refusal To Join Cult

Benedict Ogheneorvo is being interrogated by the the homicide department of the police in Lagos for allegedly killing his friend whom he said persuaded him to join the Eiye cult.

Xavier Ndanyongmong

A middle aged man Benedict Ogheneorvo is being interrogated by the police in Lagos for the brutal killing of his 18- year- old friend Emmanuel Jacob whom he said persuaded him to join the Eiye cult. It was gathered that a fight ensued between the two on May 18, at Dejioworo Street, Alapere area of the state. Ogheneorvo who was arrested by the police Alapere division has been transferred to the Homicide section of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) Panti street where he is now being interrogated told the police that he acted in self defense. According to him, the deceased wanted to initiate him into cultism and his rejection led to a fight between them.

The Delta born 22-year-old suspect disclosed that he was returning from work on the day of the incident where he met the decease on the way and they exchanged greetings. “ He demanded that I should buy him a drink but I told him I had no money because my tricycle motorbike was faulty and I didn’t work but if he can buy I would like to join him. “Emma said he had money and we went to a drinking joint on our street. He bought me a bottle of beer for me and for himself. “At that point he repeated an old issue which he has been bothering me for sometime now. He said he wanted me to become a member of their secret cult group, that is the Eiye confraternity but I told him that I had warned him never to raise such discussions anymore with me as I was not willing to belong. “I was surprise that he became infuriated and every effort to calm him down that cultism doesn’t pay fail in deaf ears.

The next thing was for him to push me I was shock because we are friends and I least expected that from him nad not satisfied with that Emma slapped me. “At that point I couldn’t bear any longer and we engaged in a fight to the astonishment of everyone around who knew that we were good friends. “He picked an iron rod and attempted to stab me but he missed his target I collected the iron from him and wanted to hit him but the rod stabbed him on the neck, and he fell and became unconscious,” the suspect explained. Sources said the deceased was rushed to three different hospitals but none agreed to admit him and he lost much blood which led to his death.

The matter we gathered was reported to the police and the suspect was suspect and detained at the Alapere Police station for a preliminary investigation. In an encounter at the SCID with the The Union mother of the deceased Mary Jacob 40, refute the suspect’s claim stating that the reverse was the case as the suspect was always luring the decease to join cultism. She said the son had told her about Ogheneorvo efforts to lure him into the Eiye cult group adding that she had warned him to resist such. “I attempted to confront the boy but my son pleaded that I should not because the boys are dangerous and they might go after him.

I reported the matter to our pastor who preached and discourage him from such act. So when did he join cultism? My son was not a cultist,” she insisted. The woman explained that although she was not at the scene of the incident dependable sources told her that he invited the deceased for drink and he did and when it was time for him to leave the suspect didn’t allow him apparently to let him stay late so he can be initiated into their group. “I learnt that he even tried to cease my son’s cap but he struggled with him to recover it, the boy should not be allowed to go free he should pay for his sins, all I need is justice.

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