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Man 60, Nabbed For Defiling Daughters

The long arms of the law has caught up with a 60-year-old man who derives pleasure in having sexual intercourses with his daughters and his nieces. Mr. Tajudeen Awoniyi who was arrested by the Oyo State Police Command after defiling two minors who are his nieces,Nimot Olayiwola, l4 and Kehinde Idris,l5 and his two daughters,Barakat and Sefiat, is now cooling his head in the police net.

\It was gathered that the suspect was arrested when the matter was reported to the police. Nimot told journalists how he was defiled by the old man. “when my mother travelled, Barakat Awoniyi asked me to come and sleep in their house. I agreed to pass the night at their house. At their house,Barakat’s father woke me up l:00 am and gave me black soup to bath in the shrine. There in the shrine he had sexual intercourse with me. Blood came out and I cried.

That was the first time I would have such experience. After that he put something in his mouth and commanded me to sleep”, she explained. The second victim,Kehinde Idris, l5, also narrated her ordeal in the hand of the old man. She said: Barakat’s father called me to come and sleep in their house.

I agreed but at their house his father,Dad Awoniyi,woke me up l:00am and asked me to bath with black soup and he put something in his mouth to speak to me. Thereafter, he asked to sleep on a chair and now had intercourse with me in the shrine. After he penetrated into my body blood came out. Barakat Awoniyi,l5,the daughter of the suspect said her father had been having sexual intercourses with her for more a year now.

“My father used to have sex with me anytime he got drunk. He has been doing it since last year and no fewer than three times. Our mother left us to daddy when we were very young”, she told journalists. Sefiat Awoniyi,elder sister of Barakat who does not know her actual age corroborated her sister’s explanation.

She added that the father would beat them if they dared cry. Mother of Nimot,Jelilat Olayiwola, said the incident happened while he travelled to Lagos. The suspect denied the allegation, saying his children and nieces lied against him. “They lied against me because I said I would arrest one of my brothers”, he said.

He however confessed that he gave the girls black soup to bath. Mr. Awoniyi claimed that he is a herbalist,saying he does spiritual work for people who are seeking jobs, fortunes and business booming. The police said investigations would continue on the matter to bring the suspect to book.

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