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I Rob To Pay My Friends Hospital Bill

Xavier Ndanyongmong

A robbery suspect Ramoni Adeleke has said that he used part of the proceeds of robbery to pay his friend’s hospital bill.

Adeleke made this known to police detectives attached to the Police Lagos State Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS) where he and his partner in crime a 38- year-old Aluminum fabricator, Lukeman Soyoye are being quizzed over some robbery incidents in which they were indicted.

The Union gathered that the duo who are being detained in the cells of the Abba Kyari -led SARS were captured by a close Circuit Television (CCTV) when they were removing a vehicle at where it was parked at a street along Allen Avenue in Lagos and they were tracked and arrested by the police.

His partner Soyoye has maintained that he was deceived by his friend Adeleke into the robbery stating that his friend Adeleke just asked him to accompany him to the house of his debtor where he intended to ceased his car to enable him recover his money unknown to him they were going to rob.

The suspect a resident of 22, Ifelo- •Adeleke and Soyoye dun Street, Dopemu in his statement to the police narrated how he became a robber.

“ Adeleke, used to bring his commercial vehicle bus to my shop to fix window glasses and since then we became friends. He called me on November 16, last year stating that one of his friends was owing him money and that he was going to seize his car and he took me Allen Avenue where we removed the car at the early hours of the day.

“What surprised me was that the car was parked by the roadside but he forced the car open and drove it away,I was following him behind with my vehicle and he later came back another day to give me N80,000 that he was able to sell the vehicle to one Alhaji at Ilepo for N400,000.

“I was happy with the money he gave to me at least I was able to pay my children school fees. It was after he removed the car that my mind told me that the car may have been stolen,” Soyoye explained. When asked why he didn’t return the money to his friend or report the incident to the police when he realized that it was proceeds from the stolen vehicle he replied ‘that was the mistake I made’.

Adeleke on his own part said Soyoye was economical with the truth as he was privy to the robbery of the car “I am here because we stole a car. We were together in a car when we saw it parked and we agreed to steal it. We stayed late night at the Airport hotel area where we ate and drank till the early hours before we removed the car with a master key and took it to one Alhaji who bought it for N400,000.

“I gave N80,000 to Soyoye,and the remaining money to a friend chief Kola for his hospital bill,” he explained.

Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command Kenneth Nwosu while confirming the story said the stolen vehicle had been recovered adding that Adeleke had been in the business for years as he was arrested in a similar offence and charged to court in March this year. This time around he was arrested along with his friend Soyoye for alleged conspiracy and car theft which they carried out since November 16, 2014.

Nwosu said they were arrested on April, 19, 2015 by SARS which was equipped with the video clip and footage of the Close Circuit Television which captured the suspects removing a Toyota Corolla where the owner parked in front of a hotel in Allen Avenue.

He said police investigations revealed that Adeleke, 54, from Ede, Osun State who is the prime suspect and a resident of 17, Obilegun Street, Iba,is married with four children and has owned up to the crime.

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