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Human Parts Dealer Arrested

Xavier Ndanyongmong

Palpable fear as gripped residents of Orile area of Lagos state following the fear of the invasion of the area by suspected dealer on human parts. Sources said the panic emanated from the arrest of a man suspected to be a dealer on human parts who was also handed over to the police by residents of Iresi Street, in the Orile- Agege area of Lagos. According to reports the suspect simply identified as Mohammed was seen loitering around the area although some took him to be insane but some doubted the claim stating that the man has an ulterior motive apparently disguising to kidnap people for ritual purposes. It was gathered that alarm was first raised by a woman who alerted other neighbours of the suspects presence in their area.

Sources said when questioned of his motive in the area the suspect pretended that he doesn’t understand English but only Hausa language and decline to respond further probing. However, he opened up to a woman who understands Hausa language and persuaded on him to unveil his motive as she was willing to help. The suspect we gathered had confided on her that he was in need of human parts stating that he was directed to the area by a friend that he can get human parts in the area for purchase. Sources said the women were not comfortable with his strange demand and he was asked to leave the area but he came back the following day and was apprehended by youths who recovered some charms from him and handed him over to the police. “The man came here on Saturday asking for where to buy human parts and blood and we chased him away but he came back again on Sunday. I saw him again hanging around the street. He wore a brown dress different from what he wore on the first day.

I became suspicious and notify some boys in the area who arrested and handed him over to the police. “Infact the man said he was particularly in need of the blood of a child and when asked why he was particularly interested in that he explained it was very good for money ritual, he was beaten severely and some charms were found on him,” the woman who preferred anonymity explained. The suspect we gathered was handed over to the police at Elere Division where he is being interrogated. Meanwhile, sources said resident of the area are living in fear as parents have placed their children under extra watch while movement at odd times have been restricted. However, the story has spread like wildfire and it is on the lips of almost everyone in the area.

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