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Guard Dies After Drinking Contest

Xavier Ndanyongmong

The Homicide department of the Police State Criminal Investigations Departmet (SCID) panti, Lagos Command have stepped up efforts to unravel the mystery surrounding death of a security guard alleged to have died after excessive intake of a local gin and some sticks of cigarettes.

Sources said the incident happened at the Agege area of Lagos state on May 7, when the guard simply identified as Thompson had boasted of his drinking prowess.

The incident which was initially reported at Isokoko, divisional police station was later transferred to the SCID for a discreet investigations.

Trouble started at a drinking joint where the deceased had bought his friends whom he met at a local joint some drinks.

Our source said an argument ensued amongst them as Thompson boasted of his drinking ability that he can finish a big bottle of “Alomo bitters drink and five sticks of cigarettes without getting drunk.

It was gathered that the challenged was that if he could drink a full bottle of Alumo bitters and smoke five sticks of cigarette within a stipulated time, his friends would pay for the drink and cigarettes but if he fails he would pay since he had presented himself as a good drinker.

Sources said they had agreed to the terms and the deceased was alleged to have emptied the bottle in less than three minutes and had smoked two of the five sticks of cigarettes.

The deceased was said to have collapsed as he attempted to walk away from the joint “he became uncomfortable and was sweating profusely and started staggering but he was assisted home by his friend Ernest Joseph.

Our source revealed that the victim was vomiting heavily before he died some hours later in his home.

Narrating the story how he died Joseph, his friend said they had gone to a nearby drinking joint called Tee-sugar where the deceased had bought a glass of N50 Dogoyaro and N30 sachet of Chelsea for each of them.

From Tee-sugar joint we went to another place where we met some of his friends from his home town so he ordered for two full bottles of local dry gin ogogoro which we drank together,” he explained .

Joseph narrated that as soon as they finished drinking the first bottle they were speaking in their dialect which he doesn’t understand he saw the attendant bringing a big bottle of Alumo bitters ‘so I asked Thomson if he was the one that ordered for a bottle of the drink. “He said no, that his friends had ordered it and he wants to prove to them that he can drink a bottle of Alumo bitters and five sticks of cigarettes. I tried all I could to stop him but he insisted that he would drink it,” he explained.

According to Joseph, the deceased had opened the drink and finished it within two minutes and smoked two sticks of Cigarette.

“He stood up to go but his friends called him to come back and finish the three remaining sticks and soon as he smoked the fifth cigarette, he left the joint but he was becoming very uncomfortable but managed to walk away.

“When I noticed that he was staggering and could not walk I got a motorbike to take him home and I sat with him so that he doesn’t fall off,” he explained It was gathered that he was assisted into his room but when the matter worsen nobody bothered to take him to the hospital as he was known to be a drunkard “we thought he will overcome it as usual but he gave up the ghost.

It was gathered that when the matter was reported Joseph was arrested by the Police from Isokoko division before the matter was transferred to SCID who have stepped up investigations into the matter.

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