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DSP Under Investigation Over Land Grab

The Lagos State police command is investigating one of its officers identified as Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP, Okon Effiong over allegation of land grabbing.

It was gathered that the Lagos State Commissioner of Police Mr. Fatia Owoseni has ordered the Officer in Charge of the X-Squad Unit Lagos State command CSP Adenola Johnson to investigate DSP Effiong following a petition by a business woman Mrs. Oyebola Bashiru that the officer in connivance with land grabbers at the Ikorodu area of the State allegedly sold her land situated at Agbede town in Agric area of Ikorodu.

In the petition titled “Save my soul from DSP Okon and Land grabbers”,MrsBashiru also alleged that her life is also being threatened as the suspected land grabbers had sold a portion of her land to another person and they are forcing her to relocate. The petition read “Sometimes in 2009, I bought a piece of land at Agbede town Agric Ikorodu from one DSP Munam Okon Effiong a police officer attached to the Owutu police station. I got to know Okon through an agent.

Officer Okon sold a plot land to me for N500,000 and handed me the documents of the land. I later commenced to develop half plot of my land which I built to lintel stage of 3 bedroom flat. “To my greatest shock in 2013, sometimes in July, I saw that another structure had been erected on the other half plot of my land.

I called DSP Okon to inform him of the building on my land and he took me to one Wasiu Olomo who claimed that the half plot does not belong to me. He told me that if I do not leave the matter and accept it the way they want then I should vacant the land because the land belongs to the Odugbose family and they want it back. The land grabbers with Okon connived to fustrate my effort to see the family head to explain my plight.

“To my shock, these land grabbers started using my even my blocks to complete the structure they erected on my land and they have completed their building. I reported the case to the DPO of the Owutu police station but nothing came out of it. “The Omonile in that area have also threatened my life over the land.

I had to do something to stop them so I reported to the police commissioner so that those behind this injustice against me will be brought to book”. When contacted over the allegation, the Lagos State Police Spokesperson DSP Patricia Amadin who said she was not aware of the incident said if the allegations were true the police will not spare any officer found to be involved in shady dealings.

-Xavier Ndanyongmong

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