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Bank Robbers Caught With AK-47

Two bank robbery suspects, Chinedu Okeke and Kolawole Segun, who were arrested with AK-47 riffles and other weapons by the police in Lagos are being quizzed at the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

Xavier Ndanyongmong

Two bank robbery suspects, have been arrested with AK-47 and other weapons by the police in Lagos. The suspects Chinedu Okeke and Kolawole Segun who are being quizzed at the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) section of the police Lagos State Command have confessed their involvement in robbery attacks on customers coming out of banks. They were arrested with a bag containing one AK 47 rifle, three magazines, four live ammunition and 10 expended ammunition. Police investigations at SARS has revealed several operations which they had carried out along the Seme – Badary Expressway in Lagos metropolis for sometimes without arrest.

The suspects were alleged to be keeping surveillance on banks and trail customers to where they will rob them of their money. Revealing their modus operandi the robbers said their gang leader, one Humphrey Okojo aka Ben who is on the run is the one who go into banking halls and monitor customers who make huge withdrawals while his gang members stays a distance from the bank fully armed with power bike for easy escape. The suspects disclosed that when the gang leader is sure that such a person has withdrawn good amount of money he will quickly alert others through the telephone by giving a vivid description of the person and they will go after the customer and dispossessed him of his money. Police spokesman Lagos State Command Kenneth Nwosu confirmed the arrest of the suspects.

According to him, they were intercepted by the police while they were trailing a customer who made some withdrawals and was returning home. Nwosu said the man who was riding the power bike escaped while Okeke who was carrying the bag containing their arms and ammunition was arrested at the scene. He disclosed that the suspect Okeke took SARS operatives to Alaworo Estate area of Badagry on May 18, 2015 where he was arrested in his hideout.The 32 year-old Okeke, aka Eto,a native of Umunze, Anambra State said, he was invited by their big boss who he simply identified as Ben that there was money to be robbed opposite a bank.

According to him, Ben has conveyed him to the bank in his car and gave him a bag that contained weapons for the operation. “Ugo,(bike rider) came to join us there. Ben instructed me that we should keep watch at the bank and immediately I see him following a man coming out of the bank we should trail the man and snatch the money. “We acted as instructed but the man crossed to the other side of the road, and we were having difficulties of crossing over with our power bike to rob the man before the arrival of a team of policemen who immediately rounded us up because we were taking the wrong way with our power bike. “They dragged me down with the bag but Ugo escaped with the bike and when Ben noticed what happened he escaped with his car. “I have been working with Ben since 2006 and I have taken part in robbing vehicles for over five times along Seme axis and customers coming out from banks, we have robbed over eight times.

“I have not enjoyed the money rather I was sick for two years. I used the money I made for the treatment of tuberculosis. For Kolawole Segun Best, he joined the gang when his business failed as a trader in second hand wears. The 38- year-old Igara born trader from Akoko Edo in Edo State said since then he started hustling in Alaba market adding that he has robbed four times with the gang. Okeke, was the one holding the gun he was introduced to me by Ben who told me he was a clearing agent at Seme border and wanted me to be working with him.

“I met him first at Iyana Ishashi in a drinking joint, and we became friends he opened up to me that he has guns where we can use to hustle and make good money. “ One day he invited me to meet him at Iyana Ishashi for an operation, that there was business coming from Seme. We robbed passengers in the car and he gave me N30,000. The second operation, he gave me N300,000:00. After working with them for three times, I told them I was no longer interested in robbery because they were only giving me peanut. “Members of the gang are myself, Ben, Eto, Uja and Omiedo.

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