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Apex Club To Assist The Needy

To commemorate 27th anniversary of its existence, the Apex club of Nigeria has mapped out several plans amongst which is a retreat for its members, friends and well wishers

.According to the release made available to the Press, the occasion will be used to also avail Nigerians and foreigners of the numerous tourist sites that abounds in the country as well as the challenges that the nation is currently going through.

The club which came into existence on the 26th of September 1988 and registered with CAC in 1996(RC 7466) has mandated itself to constantly reach out to the less privileged by offering assistance to the needy that includes the widow, those in the orphanages, the homeless and senior citizens.

President of the club, Mr. Akeem Adeniyi Onikoyi noted that the club was conceptualised by friends of like minds whose milk of compassion knows no bounds stressing that the interest of members and their friends who are in needs is of paramount to the club. Apart from these acts, he further said that the Apex club later adopted the philosophy of reaching out to the less privileged and offering assistance to those in dire need of assistance in any form and therefore, if it is called a socio-philanthropic club, one would not be far from the truth as its membership cuts across all cultural groups in Nigeria.

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