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From Ibrahim To Ibrahim: Buhari’s Tunnel Vision


President Buhari has even accomplished the unprecedented feat in Nigerian history of appointing the referee in elections he and his party will contest from his own region, to wit, the north   The hot news in town is that President Muhammadu Buhari has fired the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Ibrahim Lamorde and replaced him promptly ...

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Herdsmen Democracy As Cattle Dictatorship


It is the dictatorial right of cattle to eat up all farmlands even as the herdsmen insist that it is there democratic duty to be allowed free rein Herdsmen are the owners of our democracy. These herdsmen define what we see today in Nigeria as democracy. Herdsmen De­mocracy has come to stay for good. It is not the duty of the ...

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Marshall Plan For Nigeria


The auspicious aspect of the Nigerian angle is that Nigeria’s fate is in its own hands as the country is abundantly blessed with human and material resources to engineer an immediate turnaround.   As the global economy goes into a tailspin, Nigeria may lapse into dire straits if requi­site action is not taken. With the price of oil falling and Boko Haram ...

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Fumbling Fat Fool Flags Fifty-Five


Due to the suspended animation holding the country to ransom, the 55th Independence Anniversary is perforce a very low-key celebration for which President Buhari has approved only N70 million. The last presidential election was indeed a do-or-die affair. The internet tigers on cyberspace announced the death of Nigeria many times. The warriors on Facebook, Twitter and so on gave vent ...

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Esprit De Corruption: Nigerian Generals Are Never Corrupt

generals nigeria past rulers

The spirit of esprit de corps has thus been turned on its head to read “Esprit De Corruption”. There is the matter among the military forces called esprit the corps, that is, the feeling and sharing of loyalty and support within the group. This comradeship translates to the prebendalism that has been at the root of Nigeria’s many troubles. Ever ...

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Military Rule As Sacramental Democracy


In the school of democracy, Buhari is not qualified to be in the kindergarten class. He ought to be in crèche   Nigeria is in the high season of worship. What passes for democracy in the old country is what has come to be dubbed “Buhari Worship”. The toadying submission put at the feet of President Muhammadu Buhari is akin ...

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