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An Open Letter To President Buhari


Your Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) The President, Federal Republic Of Nigeria State House, Abuja, Nigeria An Open Letter to His Excellency the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria February 1st 2016                                                             BY:                                                      Suleiman Arzika                                                                    And                                                   Hauwa Ibrahim Esq . Delivering the Change You Promised Your Excellency, your path to the presidency has been long with many ...

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Lawmaker Laments Hacking Of His Facebook, E-mail


  A member of the Lagos State House of Assem­bly, Hon. Jude Idimogu has distanced himself from text messages being circulated on his email, facebook and other social media platforms, ask­ing people to pay money to a certain doctor’s bank account or send a credit card to his email, saying it was the hand work of mischief makers and scammers. ...

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Nigeria’s Need For A Founding Father


Three days to the 54th independence anniversary of the country, it would seem that Nigeria’s greatest need is a true founding father. Of course, it is not my intention here to besmirch the memory of those who fought gallantly for the independence of this country from British colonial rule. Rather, I seek to demonstrate that like every other nation, the ...

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ABC of Political Jumpology


– Uzor Maxim Uzoatu There is a brand new word in the dictionary, and that newly-minted word is “Jumpology”. It is a combination of “jump”, as in monkeys jumping from one tree to the other, and “ology” which translates to the knowledge or study of the jumping act. The issue concerns Nigerian politics where ill-assorted politicians jump from one political ...

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Ike Omar Sanda Nwachukwu: A Saboteur Or Patriot?


No issue has generated so much furore in Southeast circles in recent times than the nomination of General Ike Omar Sanda (IOS) Nwachukwu as leader of the Igbo delegation to the on-going National Conference in Abuja. Without exception the social media and the conventional media have gone viral over this matter. The platform to which I am subscribed has taken ...

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The Immigration Test Tragedy


-Kayode Soremekun   Thus far, we have had a lot of hand-wringing and dramatic gestures as regards the Immigration Test Tragedy. According to media reports, the top shots of the affected ministry and parastatal were instantly summoned to The Villa. This scenario has been complemented by the National Assembly which is set to investigate the incident. Meanwhile, and for good ...

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