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Sylva’s Victory Over Anti-Corruption


Achilleus-Chud Uchegbu President Muhammadu Buhari’s ‘war’ against corruption is dead. It died not today, but on that fateful day when he gloriously declared that no one, among his aided (followers) is corrupt. That declaration put the final nail on his anti-corruption gra gra; and Timipre Sylva, Buhari’s arch-supporter and his party’s flagbearer and points man in Bayelsa state, is now ...

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Environmental Protection Measures Against Land Degradation In Alaigbo


Ohaneze Ndigbo should wake up and join to lead us out of this humiliation. A strong non-political and non-partisan Group of Alaigbo people should emerge to form an Environmental Protection Body that would comprise people from different works of life and professionals to look through the total environmental problems bedevilling the great Alaigbo and come out with practicably-sustainable solutions that ...

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The Fuzz About Bayo Onanuga’s View Of Reality


But it is interesting that the Managing Director of NAN declared his mindset. Somehow, it says that Buhari is worried. It also says that those around him are working hard at writing a narrative which will soothe his pains a little. It is not impossible that Onanuga’s effort is part of a larger attempt to dance for the master and ...

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Overdue Construction Of Second Niger Bridge


Sometimes, one may be reluctant to blame the Federal government authorities over their low attitude in handling progressively the problems of our State or the Zone. Typical examples are the fate that has befallen the old Niger Bridge and the construction of a second bridge across the River Niger. Many a time, one believes that our people should carry a ...

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VIO: Your Money Or Your Vehicle

Casmir Igbokwe The car was on reverse gear. The driver almost hit me. He was running away from the Vehicle Inspection Officers popularly called VIO at Cele bus stop, Lagos. The run-away driver’s gain was my loss. The officers flagged me down. “Hope your papers are in order,” one of them queried. I answered in the affirmative. He checked my ...

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