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Youth Initiative Trains 100 Women On Fish Value Chain

Women and youth were trained on breeding and modern processing in fish farming

Isaiah Onwuanumba

Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture (YISA) has over the weekend trained 100 rural youths and Women on Fish value chain in Umoda-Oju community of Benue State using the Rural Farm School Centre of the organization located in the community. Yarinigeria reports that the training which was captioned: Making Agriculture Works For Rural Youths And Women As Business is truly set to contribute its quota in reviving rural economy. The training module was particularly focused on Fish Breeding and Modern Processing.

In a statement by the Founder and National Coordinator of YISA, Comr. Ogirinye Innocent, he stated that, what we (YISA) have done is in pursuance of the vision of the organization to create a pool of active players for Sustainable Agriculture, we have trained 78 rural youths and 22 women on fish production and best practiced fish smoking respectively.

He further explained that in making agriculture to truly works as Business, we should extend our focus beyond production ” it will be a hallmark of primitive ecosystem to produce for production case, in Agriculture the first answer every agro-entrepreneur should seek in venturing into Agriculture is can I sell what I want to produce?.

And in addressing this we decided to train 78 youths both male and female on fish production from fingerling hatchery to table size fish and the 22 women to start from where the youths will stop by smoking and packaging the fish for market.

The Farm school was started 2 years ago with a seed capital of N1.5Million from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the United States Ambassador’s Self Help Project(SSH) and also with tremendous support from the immediate past Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development(FMARD) Dr. Akinwumi Adesina (OON) through the Gender and Youth Desk. FMARD has remained a greater boaster of the centre. The centre also gives portable water to the community too through our borehole.

We maximize our projects for community advancement. On the plan for the Youths and Women Trainees, the Deputy National Coordinator of YISA and Director of the YISA Rural Farm School Project Comr. Onyeaka Kelechi explained that ” the YISA Rural Farm School Model of the organization is particularly designed to address two key challenges facing most young people in venturing into Agriculture: i.e Lack of appropriate skills for successful Agribusiness and lack of start-up capital.

“We cannot continue to wait for Government to create all the jobs we need, we can’t continue to remain on the street of joblessness as graduates of Agriculture in a country with food import bill of over 1.3 Trillion Naira, we will never ever give up on the dream to lift our peers out of the street of joblessness no matter the challenges” were the closing declaration of Comr. Ogirinye Innocent , the YISA Founder and National Coordinator.

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