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Why We Invest 80% Of Our Income In Charity –Foundation

Tina Bawa Foundation is a non-denominational ministry involved in charity works. In this piece, Yakubu Wuyep captures the vision of the founder-Mrs. Tina Bawa Shitgurum and why she is investing so much in charity.

Starting from 10th to 15th of October every year, Tina Bawa Foundation, a non-denominational ministry makes it a point of duty to embark on a medical mission all over Kwande community.

The medication put at the cost of over N12 to N15 million are used to take care of the poor, widows, unemployed and the less privileged in the community.

For over 15 years, the foundation has continuously engaged itself with charity works with an eye to wipe away poverty, unemployment and diseases out of the society.

According to the founder of the foundation, Mrs. Tina Bawa Shitgurum, industrialisation, entrepreneurship, employment and the need to eradicate diseases in the society are some of the reasons why they invest over 80 per cent of their income into charity work.

One community that benefited from such kind gesture is the Kwande community in Plateau State where the ministry has promoted industrialization, entrepreneurship and also tackled the scourge of poverty.

To address the issue of poor health facilities, Tina Bawa Ministries has proposed a building of 35 hospital beds capacity in remote Kwande community. The hospital is initiated to cater for the inadequate medical facility in the community as it will be offering free medical treatment to the people .

Before the intervention of the ministry, Kwande community has been facing the challenges of inadequate medical facilities and other and socioeconomic need over the years.

According to the founder of the NGO, Tina Bawa, it is understandable that if there is no peace and unity, there won’t be development and that is why we have continued to empower many widows who are doing small businesses so as to enable the send their children to school.

“That is why it is of paramount importance for me and my dear husband- Dr Godfrey Bawa to partner by putting 80% of our income towards this charity work to give back to the society where he was born. Apart from the traditional rulers, we mobilize Muslim and Christian and educate them on the need to keep personal hygiene and improve the wellbeing and paying scholarship. The task of repositioning the society requires the contribution of all a sundry start with little beginning”, Bawa said.

Explaining on the structure of the ministry, Bawa said “We have different branches of the Ministry which include; The Docas Foundation; The Extra-Ordinary Man Conference, the evangelical aspects of the ministry and Smile which is meant for the widows who work in the market”.

“Smile is designed to bring smile to the widows who are hard working and are striving trade. We assist them to grow and we place our teams to monitor, guide them in their businesses so that they can be able to do the right thing. This is because when they succeed, they would be able to take care of their children’s school fees and also take care of themselves.

“We also have an aspect called HOFA; it is the department where we have home finishing academy for young somebody’s wife. We do this, so that we can impact on their lives, knowing that, they are not just women, but mothers, wives, home makers and good citizens to the nation who can bring about total change in the society.

On the free medical mission, Bawa who pointed out that the medical outreach is 100% free, saying that she observed that besides ministering to the people through the holy ghost, there is also need to reach out to the people medically.

According to her, the foundation was able consult medical professionals from all works of life and by 2002 they did a little bit of it while the ministry started in 1999. By 2004, the foundation went out for a total medical mission.

“We did medical outreach in the day time and then in the evening we bring the Gospel of Christ to the people on the love of God. Since 2004 we have been in to full medical mission working with a team of medical professionals from every field of human endevour on the medical outreach, with most of them volunteering to work with us. Some came from the United State of America and some of my friends who believed in the vision equally joined us”, Bawa said.

She added “we come to treat major cases, even when we have case of surgeries we refer them to where they should be taken care while we pay the bills. But for the primary health and field work; we do eye checks, diabetics tests, HIV, hypertension, Malaria Typhoid etc. We have all the test kits here and then we do health talk with the people to help them prevent some of the situations. We offer treatments for all these sicknesses, including sexually transmitted diseases because of the environment”.

“I observed that our people are not getting what they should get, the health centre here was in bad shape when we came in the last two years. We have to renovate the structures and put fence to make it secure. We later donated some delivery beds with lots of things so that we can start using the place for the benefit of the people of Qua’an Pan Local Government and its environs. Even people from Shendam even come here too. It is usually a five-day programme”.

Bawa further stated that their team of medical professionals most time come in from abroad while a few come from Makurdi, Benue State and some from the Plateau state. The Foundation founder who maintained that it is exciting putting smile on the face of the people said “today when I announced that I was going to give out wheelchairs to the disabled among us, the whole place was greeted with joy. I prayed to God and asked Him, would I be able to meet this demand? But we are going to give out 40 wheelchairs and those who may not get it; we would take their names offer them the wheel chairs later”. “I am also going to give out clothes with good designers to enable them know that somebody cares for them. Every child I see today without shoe,

I am going to put a shoe on their feet today. Some of the kids don’t have pants. I discovered that can’t afford them but I have resolved to give them pants today. We would give out bags and rapper to some aged women who have been neglected. I would ensure they go home happily with these gifts”, Bawa pledged.

According to Bawa, the foundation met the community without medical doctors and even hospitals, except the primary health assistants who assist the community at the local health centre.

To bridge this gap, Bawa said that her foundation is seriously planning to build a standard hospital to be manned by professional doctors who would be complimented with youth corpers posted to do their National Youth Service Corps.

On their workforce, Bawa said “this year the economy has been hard on us, but so far we have 48 volunteers on ground and we are expecting to make it up to 3,000 to 3,500 people for the five days we are going to do the work. I actually like the doctors to take time and attend to them not in a hurry since they have not been handled by doctors for a long time

Thanking all her relatives, friends and well wishers for supporting her vision, Bawa equally thanked Franklin Foundation, New York and Samantha Pauls, USA thank for being helpful to the foundation and Africa. She however,appealed for more charity support from them.

I am working hard to see that I have affiliates with the United State Samantha Paul’s and organizations that can help with more wheelchairs to help this less privilege people in the society. We are planning to reach out Karmajiji in Abuja where there are over 3,000 people living with disabilities, neglected and abandoned.

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