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US Agric Expo: African Participants To Join 38th Session

Nigerian entrepreneurs to participate in the US Expo which has been witnessing world class agric experts from across the globe

Anthony Awunor

Edwards & Adams, a Nigerian US based business entrepreneur had secured the authorization of Sunbelt Agric Expo to mobilize African participation in its 38th Agric Expo coming up at Moultrie, Albani, USA between October 20 and 22, 2015. The African inclusion in the expo was made known in a statement signed and released by the Managing Director of Divine Communications Limited (DCL), Mohammed Yusuf which was made available to The UNION. According to the statement, the Expo which has been going on for over three decades had witnessed participation of different world class Agric experts / professionals from all the continents of the world except Africa.

It added that Messrs Edwards & Adams concerned for the development of African economy, and poised to support the new government and its drive for diversified economy approached the Sunbelt Agric Expo organizer to secure inclusion of Africa in the exhibition for this year. “In other to achieve effective mobilization of participants from various countries of Africa, Edwards & Adams has engaged a local firm, Divine communications limited to mobilize Nigerian participation”.

“For effective participation of Nigerian delegates, Divine Communications has secured eight exhibition stands out of 24 reserved for Africa, this will accommodate 150 delegates from both public and private sectors expected from Nigeria”, it stated. Delegates from Nigeria are expected to arrive USA on 18/10/2015 and will meet the Albani Chamber of Commerce and Agric the following day before the commencement of the Expo Which runs from 20-22 of October, 2015. On the 23rd of October, the Nigerian exhibitors will be hosted by Irrigation center of the University of Georgia. This will be a great opportunity and exposition to recent development on irrigation technology and application for optimal operation in Agribusiness.

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