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Nigerians Groan Under Near-Total Power Outage

Nigerians groan under severe power shortages as Government reveals that 5 out of 23 stations are currently generating electricity.

Isaiah Onwuanumba With Agency Report

Nigerians cry out under severe power outages across the country as Federal Government revealed recently that the obvious reason why is that only 5 out of 23 power stations are currently generating electricity.

Nigerians are groaning under the burden of near absence of public power supply and the current situation is worsened by fuel scarcity in the past few weeks. Our Correspondent gathered that expectations that fuel shortages in the country are unlikely to come to an end soon. The main three reasons for that are change of government, prospects for removal fuel subsidies and weakening naira. The combination of these factors will affect ordinary Nigerians in the nearest future. The Union gathered that the nation has recorded a loss of over 2,000 mega watts in the national grid due to shortage of gas supply to the thermal plants.

From the power generation from various power stations, it is obvious Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) are handicap as regards the available capacity to pass to consumers. And recently, DISCOs have been acused of diverting power to industrials areas while leaving the masses in darkness.

It is said that DISCOs generate huge revenue from companies as against little from the masses.

However, Government in a statement signed by the Chairman of the National electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, Dr. Sam Amadi explained that only five out of 23 power plants are currently generating electricity.

Dr. Amadi said that the Commission noticed with concern the acute shortage of power supply and the attendant hardship Nigerians are passing through.

He said “In the last couple of months, electricity supply has been generally poor on account of increase in vandalism in the run up to the April 2015 elections. But this bad supply condition has worsened in the last few days.”

According to him: “At present, 18 out of the 23 power plants in the country are unable to generate electricity due shortage of gas supply to the thermal plants with one of the hydro stations faced with water management issue. This has led to loss of over 2,000mega watts in the national grid.

“This situation is further compounded by the recent industrial actions embarked upon by workers in the oil and gas industry, a development which is taking toll on other sectors of the economy. Gas supplies to the thermal plants have been further constrained by the industrial actions of workers in the oil and gas industry.

“The Commission had proactively engaged the gas supply companies and its licensees when two weeks ago discussion was held on how to firm up gas supply in order to increase power supply.

“Unfortunately, not much progress was made through this meeting as NNPC and its subsidiary Nigeria Gas Company, disclosed high incidence of vandalism in some areas that were relatively peaceful along its pipeline networks.

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