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NCRIB Creates Insurance Awareness Through Radio Programme Sponsorship

Insurance awareness and penetration has been a major issue of the insurance sector in Nigeria which both the government and the insurance sector have tried to battle. To that effect Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) has started a commercial sponsorship of a programme on radio that took effect on 29th April 2014 to be aired every Wednesday.

The president NCRIB Ayodapo Shoderu has formerly announced the take off of this programme at the April 2015 edition of the councils member evening hosted by Prestige Assurance Plc in Lagos recently.

Shoderu said that it is in the council’s effort to create public awareness about events and emerging development in the business and the economy.

“As part of our efforts to create more values for our council, we are commencing sponsorship of Business Today on Radio One Fm Lagos…. a 30 minutes magazine programme that highlights events and emerging developments in business and the economy generally with special focus on insurance and insurance brokers” he said .

He therefore stated that maiden edition of the programme was to commence on Wednesday 29th April 2015 will on air every Wednesday as from thence in all the South West and Republic of Benin.

“The maiden edition of the programme is slated for tomorrow, Wednesday April 29th 2015, and hence, it will be live on every Wednesday. I enjoin you all to tune in tomorrow as well as publicize this. It will be transmitted clearly on 103.5 Kilohertz in the Frequency Modulated wave bond (FM), covering the South West and Republic of Benin”.

Shoderu noted He further asserted that the jingle part of te programme is in the offing to be aired across the 6 geo-political zoned “Plans are in the offing for the Councils jingle to also be aired across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria on selected radio stations including Abuja” he declared

Speaking further the council chairman used the avenue to clarify the issue of payment of bidding fees by council members as pre requisite for offering insurance broking services to some companies or government institutions stating that “insurance Brokers ,being professional service providers are like lawyers, architects and accountants who should not be placed under such burden” he said.

He however advised members to stop paying such “exploitative fees” as the” NCRIB-NIA Joint Technical Committee is working on the vexatious issue and it will soon be finally nipped in the bud” he affirmed.

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