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NB Plc Restates Commitment To Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Nigerian Brewery Plc has shown its strong commitment to moderate alcohol consumption by sponsoring the 2015 edition of Nigerian Beer and Health Symposium

Encouraged by the outstanding success of the 2014 symposium and the response from the general public, Nigerian Brewery Plc yesterday organised the 2015 edition of Nigerian Beer and Health Symposium with the theme: Beer & Lifestyle.

The symposium which attracted stakeholders, consumers, marketers, researchers, experts, entertainers amongst others is for the second year running, powered by Nigeria’s favourite beer-Star.

Speaking at the event held at Intercontinental Hotels, Lagos, the Managing Director /Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr. Nicolaas Vervelde said sponsoring the symposium reinforces their strong commitment to improving the understanding of beer and its inherent benefits when consumed in moderation.

Vervelde noted that, beer when consumed in moderation, can be a source of immense pleasure, adding “that is why I believe the theme for this year – Beer and Lifestyle is quite apt. Even though beer has been with us for thousands of years, the appreciation of its unique benefits is only beginning to grow. The knowledge about the benefits of moderate consumption of beer is multiplying every day with so many empirical research findings from all over the world”.

Speaking further, the Nigerian Brewery CEO added “I would like to restate that our resolve to telling the rich and positive story of beer is tied with our strong commitment to the promotion of responsible consumption. I call on all consumers to enjoy beer responsibly. As the Heineken Chairman and CEO said recently, “… it is important to make the point that misuse of alcohol is not cool”. In line with our commitment to responsible consumption of our brands, we have continued to execute some activities including partnering with several Agencies and stakeholders to embed the message of responsible consumption. A key example is our partnership with the FRSC in “Don’t drink and drive” campaign. These campaigns will continue into the future until every consumer understands and abides”.

Speaking at the symposium, Senior Strategy Manager, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr. Tony Agenmonmen said moderation is very important for those that drink beer, adding that moderate beer drinking can offer some health benefits while heavy drinking can be dangerous.

Emphasising that overdose is not good in anything, the strategy manager said if such phenomenon cannot make people to stop eating food, honey, medicine, water, sleep, that beer should not be any different.

“The problem with beer is not beer but the fact that it is full of misconception, it is the misuse, the abuse; that is the problem”, Mr. Agenmonmen.

Noting that moderation can be defined by many parameters including quantity or time, he said that eating before drinking, spacing drinks, alternating alcohol with water, avoiding drinking games, learning to refuse drinks and drinking slowly could help to moderate alcohol consumption.

On his own part, Project Leader, Institute For Foods & Nutrition Netherlands, Dr Henk Hendriks who spoke on “Why Moderate Beer Consumption Is Beneficial For Cardiovascular Health” enumerated the relationships between alcohol consumption and dementia, breast cancer, endolarynx cancer and other ailments.

While warning that more than 6 glasses per day may cause high risks of accidents and cancer, Dr Hendriks said “Moderate alcohol consumption reduces the incidence of Type 2 diabetes”.

Former National President, Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Mrs. Dolapo Coker also stressed the importance of beer drinking but advised that the effect of excessive alcohol could be dangerous.

– Anthony Awunor

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