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Airtel partners NIPR

Airtel Partners NIPR to Deepen Consumer Education

In a bid to create credible platforms to deepen consumer education, Airtel Nigeria, recently has signed an agreement with the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), to host the 2nd NIPR Lagos stakeholders’ conference, at the University of Lagos.

The conference, which had the theme “The Nigerian Consumer – Rights, Duties and Obligations,” is focused on the critical role public relations and its practitioners play in protecting the rights of the Nigerian consumer.

The lead speaker and a senior lecturer at the department of Mass Communications, University of Lagos Prof. Ralph Akinfeleye noted that Public Relations should be used to maintain cordial and beneficial relationship between buyers and sellers, referring to PR as a tangible activity that will bring about visible changes in consumer behavior, education and protection.

According to Akinfeleye, effective PR should protect the interest of buyers, promote the rights of consumers, and evaluate the activities of both buyers and sellers.

“PR professionals should know that consumer education is paramount to consumer protection and the development of the country. Thus, tangible PR is a must in consumer public relations,” he said.

Also speaking at the conference, Airtel Nigeria’s Chief Commercial Officer, Maurice Newa, who was represented by the company’s Head of Mass Market Segment, Oladipo Jolaosho, noted that the telco is committed to supporting reasoned discourse as well as promoting credible platforms that promote consumer education and protection.

According to him, consumer protection is fundamental in order to safeguard consumer right as well as prevent exploitation or infringing on the rights of customers. He revealed that Airtel Nigeria develops bespoke products and services based on the needs of individuals, and this is usually accomplished by conducting focus group sessions to understand the telephone needs of people in order to provide the right products for the right segments.

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