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Airline Operator Advocates Peace For Economic Development

A country achieves institutional development and economic growth only through peaceful coexistence

Anthony Awunor

Chairman of Air Peace, Barrister Allen Onyema has emphasized on the need for Nigerians to embrace peace so that there will be smooth economic development across the country.

To achieve this, Onyema, who is also the Chairman Foundation for Ethnic Harmony in Nigeria ( FEHN), said now that Buhari has emerged as the next president, Nigerians irrespective of their political leaning should make it a point of national duty to support the in- coming government as one of the necessary steps needed to make democracy work.

He spoke on Monday in Lagos while receiving an award bestowed on him as patron and global youth leader by Independent Pan – African Youth Forum .

Onyema said Nigeria would remain an indivisible country despite whatever upheavals that may arise

He attributed the peace in the Niger Delta region to the efforts of FEHN, which has trained over 72 per cent of youth trained under the Presidential Amnesty Programme, adding that” some of ours have made sacrifice for the peace enjoyed in the Niger Delta region today . Credit should go to people who set the pace for peace in the region, which has brought about peace in Nigeria. Peace is key to national economic development. The level of progress achieved in the country today is traceable to the peace in the region where oil and gas activities are taking placed. Since 2004, these peace efforts has been ongoing”

Onyema however, predicated his support for the incoming government on the need to allow democracy flourish through building of institutions that should factor in youth empowerment and peace building for all sections of the country .

He urged Nigerians to continue to work towards the pursuit of peace, which he said is a panacea for economic prosperity and political stability .

The FEHN boss said his organisation has been pursuing peace in the Niger Delta region for many years through youth engagement programmes .

He said the training of over 30,000 youth through the Presidential Amnesty Programme has brought relative peace to Nigeria for exploration of oil and gas activities in the Niger Delta region .

He said :” Nigeria will not break up . That is why we should not relent in making our contributions for the sustenance of our democracy. Peace is key to economic national development , which could be only be achieved if there is peace in the Niger Delta region. It is for this reason that we must continue to call for support for the incoming government of Buhari . We have to drop our political leaning and allow democracy to work. The idea of deriding government endlessly should stop. Nigeria belongs to all of us and we must work hard to keep it together .No matter whatever we go through as a country Nigeria will not break up . For this reason we must not relent in making contributions to sustain the continuous progress of the country”.

He said he was excited over the award , which is evidence of the sacrifice he has made over the years I. The training of restive youths in the Niger Delta region .

He equally lamented that that despite his contributions to peace efforts in the Niger Delta region through youth engagement initia

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