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Gulder: Setting A New Benchmark For Advertising Standards

With the advertising strategies deployed in repositioning Gulder, a premium beer from the stable of Nigeria Breweries, the brewer has succeeded in setting a new standard for advertising practice. Afolabi Idowu in this piece, writes on the brand repositioning

Over the years, the country’s giant brewer, Nigerian Breweries Plc has devised marketing strategies that have put the Gulder brand on the front burner in terms of top of mind awareness in the marketplace. One of its masterstroke advertising and marketing platforms was the unprecedented reality show, “The Gulder Ultimate Search.” Each year, from when entries were called for the programme till the final day when winners emerged, you could not just ignore it, and yes, it was hard not to enjoy beer marketing even if you were not a marketer or drinker.

The reality show always offered creative advertising on television. And now Gulder lager is set to break fresh grounds in advertising by unveiling a new television commercial that looks like a change-maker in the annals of Nigerian advertising. The television commercial sets out to make a bold statement on the recent claim the brand is making as the beer for men.

In what can be seen as a seamless continuity of last year’s launch of the new Gulder bottle that had a campaign of a new look bottle that feels good and with a strong grip of men, Gulder is extending this frontier by making a strong statement as the beer that inspires confidence and enables men to push the boundaries of the imagination to achieve their goals.

The new Gulder TVC tells stories. The first story is of a young man caught between sitting back and receiving no positive reviews for his stellar performance in the office. He eventually “grows up” and became a man by walking up to his boss and eventually got his reward. In the second story line, the guy was even mistaken for an attendant by a lady while in the third story, a man who is in love with a General’s daughter is afraid of going before his father in law and telling him how he feels about his daughter.

In the second one, the guy was even mistaken for an attendant by a lady while in the third story, a man who is in love with a General’s daughter is afraid of going before his father in law and telling him how he feels about his daughter. These are unusual stories even for a beer commercial but the signature that runs through the thread is that Gulder signs off these stories at the very end of the commercial rather than interrupting the stories with the brand’s value propositions. On the contrary, the stories subtly sell these propositions of strength, bravery, intelligence and daring which are the hallmarks of a real man. The commercial is the story of the man (and we are faced with such challenges everyday) rather than essentially the story of Gulder.

The strategy which seems buried in the new commercial; is the idea of “Becoming the Man you are meant to be”. This means that for the brand, there is “man” in every man and it only needs discovering for such to lead to accomplishments and conquests of fears, career and even love.

According to Mr. Mathew Adedinni, a veteran brand analyst and a part-time mass communication lecturer at Ogun State University Ago Iwoye, “When you become a man you are meant to be, your lifestyle will be classy and if you look at the new bottle of Gulder you would see nothing but the classy bottle of the brand.

It would be recalled that during the launch of the new Guilder bottle last year, Mr. Walter Drenth the marketing director of Nigerian Breweries Plc described the bottle as the most innovative in Nigeria. He said: “What we have done is to take Gulder from a 1970 bottle and transformed it to a 2020 bottle.

I can tell you that this is the most innovative bottle in the Nigerian Beer market today. Let me also assure that despite the efforts and resources committed to giving our esteemed consumers of Gulder this classy bottle, the price and the taste remain the same.”

Also at the lunch, the Managing Director of the company Nicholas Ververde described Gulder’s new bottle launch as revolutionary. He further remarked: “It is a historic moment for the Gulder brand. The new bottle which was contained in the Cube reflects that this celebrated brand, Gulder, is at the forefront of advancement and I can assure that what you are going to see is the result of several years of hard work and skillset that the brewery industry has seen in a long while.”

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