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Same Sex: The Conquest Of America

At the rate America is misleading the world on marital values, marriage between man and the lower animals, is not a remote possibility

BALA DAN ABU     e-mail: bala.danabu@theunion.com.ng

Last week’s United States Supreme Court ruling granting nationwide recognition to same sex marriage is a big setback for human civilization. It is a tragic step backward into the primitive era which is somewhere before Adam and Eve.

That first couple, as rustic as their knowledge was about marriage and sex, made no mistake that those things were an affair between man and woman and not between man (in generic sense) and the other living creatures that cohabited the rich and flourishing Garden of Eden with them at that time.

It is true Adam and Eve earned the anger of God for losing control of their curiosity and emotion and doing what they ought not to have done at the time they did but it was not for wrong choice of a partner. Eve was specifically created to serve the social and biological needs of Adam. And so was Adam.

Neither of them went above or below that level in search of a strange partner which could have been one of the other lower creatures. But Americans have taken a step which has reduced the sin committed by Adam and Eve to a mere joke. Sex and marriage between man and man and between woman and woman otherwise known as same sex is the worst act of provocation by man against his creator.

Same sex is madness. It is yet another in the series of man’s reckless audacity challenging God to do what He likes if He wasn’t comfortable with man’s love for sexual adventures. The drift of the American society into this new Dark Age of sexual perversity had been a slow but unremitting process. Before the Supreme Court verdict, 36 out of America’s 50 states had already caved in under the pressure of the small but rich and powerful sponsors and members of the country’s community of Gay Movements.

The court ruling has only quickened the completion of that process. And surprisingly, President Barak Obama has welcomed the ruling “as victory for America” and as an affirmation of “what millions of Americans already believe in their hearts.” It seems to me that nothing has given Obama as much reason to celebrate as this outrageous court ruling, perhaps not even his historic 2008 election as the first African American president of this largest democracy in the world. Hear him further.

“Today is a big step in our match toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry just like anyone else.” He spoke on Friday June 26, 2015, shortly after the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling. But I believe that Obama is only playing politics with a very serious institution – marriage. For a man whose family has become a global model of marital success, with two daughters he has always proudly referred to as lovely, his encouragement of a marital union that has no chance of producing children at all is anything but sincere.

Couples in gay marriage can only buy or borrow children. Whatever other means they may adopt to have children biologically cannot work through the partners they claim to be their wives or husbands. Obama and those who have endorsed same sex marriage may also argue that it is the right of the homosexuals not to have children or have them via any strange method of their choice but it is still a personal right taken to a ridiculous extent.

No matter how much we defend it, the amazing and unfortunate nationwide legalisation of homosexual marriage by the U.S Supreme Court is one of the worst things to have happened to this generation. And it is even more worrisome that this is coming from the United States, a country that is regarded almost everywhere in the world as a model of social, economic and political development, a place that has been for millions of young men and women in many other countries a destination of choice for academic and career pursuits.

The spread of this ‘virus’ to other countries is only a matter of time. Now that the Homosexuals have conquered America, the battle to conquer the rest of the world will be easy. All it will take is for the American government to dangle juicy welfare packages, aids and loans for needy and vulnerable countries overseas with the subtle but definite instruction to their leaders to work for the legalisation of same sex marriage.

At the rate America is misleading the world on marital values, marriage between man and the lower animals, is not a remote possibility. It will only take some crazy rich folks from the so called God’s own country to insist that it is the new and best way to go. And then throw huge sums of money into the campaign.

If that fails, they will get the American government to try diplomatic blackmail, the game that no other country knows better than the US. Some people have suggested, and America has so far not denied, that its official attitude to the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in the recent elections was negative. And the reason was Jonathan’s uncompromising stance against the plot to get his government to support a law for the legalisation of homosexual marriage in Nigeria. Nobody will be surprised if this is true. It is the typical American style.

And this is the reason the rest of the world should worry about this latest ugly and reprehensible development in the U.S. What is good for America is not necessarily good for Nigeria and the rest of the world. Sexual union between same sexes may be an extension of the freedom and rights guaranteed under the American Constitution, but it is not so and needs not be so in Nigeria.

Nigeria should maintain its stand and resist any pressure by America and its Western allies to recruit us into this unholy alliance for the promotion of same sex. It is another form of imperialism which is intended at the re-colonisation of our minds and to deny us what they cherish so much – freedom and the right to hold unto our long cherished traditions and beliefs.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to convince our people that America is not the right place to go even with what has happened there. It is even more difficult for our people who go there to insulate themselves from this weird American sex and marriage culture. The more realistic approach to adopt here in Nigeria to prevent same sex marriage from being flaunted publicly is to deny it recognition

. We must dust up and strengthen our laws on homosexual practice in readiness for the new challenges that are bound to come as a fall-out of the recent happenings in America. The laws must be loud and unequivocal in its rejection of the practice and severely punish offenders.

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