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ABX World Partners Arik Air, SAHCOL On Agro-Allied Export

ABX World, an EU certified (EUC) cargo agent, recently signed agreement with Arik Air and Skyway Aviation Grand Handling Company (SAHCOL) as cargo airline and process handling company for its export business.

Arik Air and SAHCOL are also EU certified with ACC3 and RA3 certifications respectively, an evidence of the acceptability of EU Governments to rely on the due compliance of ABX World and the partners to help ensure that all laws are abided.

EUC compliance assessment is defined as a “demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled.”

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ABX World, Captain John T Okakpu said Nigeria has immense agricultural potential, even as only 40% of her 84 million hectares of arable land cultivated, plus 263 billion cubic meters of water – (having two of the largest rivers in Africa).

He said the company, having secure the certification of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) as an “Authorized Cargo Agent”, is set for an unrivalled speedy export of agro-allied produces, especially perishable items such as vegetables and fruits.

“The stability and sustainability of the world economy have been and still depend on agriculture, because agriculture is the major source of survival for man, animals and the industrial sectors through the provision of food and raw materials according to STAN in 2000.

In other words, agriculture is taking back as the leading contributor to the economy; hence oil & gas sector is seriously in shambles.” He told journalists.

Okakpu said Nigeria has the required manpower to support agricultural expansion affirming that with an estimated 80 million farmers, Nigeria can cultivate enough food for its people and feed the world.

He added that, ABX World believes tapping into the sector can only be sustainable when the private sector expertise is allowed to thrive.

He said, “There is a need to engage the private sector, investors, local banks and International Financial Institutions with the view of connecting (Supply chain) the vast investment opportunities of Nigeria Agriculture with local and international investors.

Putting together all sectors in Nigeria especially Agriculture will surpass the $128.00 per barrel of crude oil needed to balance the budget. That is where most Nigerians and world misunderstood General Muhammad Buhari (GMB), the newly President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when he was credited for saying the he will stabilize the prize of crude oil.

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