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Single, Still Searching

Anuoluwapo Moses

Money is not the problem, so what could be the problem? Is it who to marry? Could it be that current issues of divorce bedeviling the industry is making it difficult for some to get married, that some are finding it difficult to get married? These questions keep coming to mind whenever some unmarried celebrities appear. The Nigerian entertainment industry is waxing stronger with prominent faces making waves. But many of these personalities are yet to say ‘I Do’. They are not married or planning to get married even as they are getting older. Though some have children others are yet to make a consideration. Here are few out of the numerous celebrities that have not said “I Do” and might take longer to do so.

Rita Dominic

This member of the Royal Waturuocha family of Aborh Mbaise local government area of Imo State is getting closer to her 40’s. She is the youngest of four siblings. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts (1999) and starred in over 100 Nollywood productions. She won the City People Awards in 2004 as the Most Outstanding Actress. And it had been rumoured to have dated Jim Iyke and some few notable faces. She has achieved everything that a woman should achieve but has not been hooked-up by anyone yet. Maybe, she doesn’t want to be seen as one of those break-ups in the industry or she feels she could take care of herself. But as an African woman, the right thing to do is to get hooked-up by a man.

Jim Iyke

This young energetic movie star, musician and business man sees nothing wrong with a Nigerian woman kissing and loving up other men in a movie. He is also a man full of controversy with numerous ladies lining up as if going for a pageant. There was a time it was rumored that the actor is getting married to his Jamaican Fiancee, Keturah Hamilton, and until now, nothing had been heard. He and Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buhari were rumored to be dating and some fans have been asking why don’t they get married? Now Nadia has a set of twin which Jim is not their father. Will he get married soon or continue his ‘bad boy’ role as he said “no vacancy.”

Genevieve Nnaji

In a recent picture, Genevieve Nnaji steps out with her 15 year old daughter, Chimebuka at a private event in a very rare scenario. Reports say Chimebuka lived with Genevive’s parents for years, but ‘has a solid relationship’ with her mother. No one Knows who her father is, and she will not say, in spite of lingering speculations and interests. Nnaji is from Imo State, but grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the fourth of eight children and was brought up in a middle class environment. While at the university, Genevieve began auditioning for acting jobs amongst the many Nollywood projects. She has been a single mother even when she was rumoured to be dating D’banj. But on the contrary, she is still waxing stronger and making ‘big cash’ on endorsement and movies. Would she ever get married as a single mother? Time will tell


When the news broke that Waje was dating MI, she was not quick to rebuff it as she said in an interview with Entertainment Express “There is nothing to say about it really. We first met when I was in Enugu and he came for a show. When we met in Lagos, we hooked up and we have been doing stuffs together musically”. The word stuff might also mean something else aside the music business. “He is somebody who is very passionate about his music and I like him for that. “I think it’s just what you media guys started. We are just friends, and maybe, you guys wanted a Nigerian version of Jay Z and Beyonce, so they just hooked us up by themselves. “Even if we are dating, is it something I would tell the world?” She asked. So, if MI is dating a single mother like Waje and both profess love for each other, why not do the right thing and get married? Well, we hope to see the end

Koko Master

He’s pink lips has made most ladies crazy that both celebrities and non- celebrities are lining up to date. Since the famous K o k o m a s t e r, D’banj, made a public confession that he’s still single and looking for a good woman to make his wife, it was gathered that actress Genevieve Nnaji has been making frantic efforts to get back into the arms of the super star. D’banj is the cool type who doesn’t like talking too much. So, will the Kokomaster still settle down with Genny or

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