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Jumpsuit For Classic Wardrobe

Anuoluwapo Moses

If you haven’t noticed, the jumpsuit is still in style. It has being huge this season.

This distinct 70s vibe is back and better and is being embraced by celebrities and fashionista’s in Nigeria and the world over. With its fitted style and flared bottoms, this is a piece for the confident woman with a smoking body and could become your next wardrobe classic. It’s a true testament to a woman’s style if she can make the look smashing.

First, you should choose a style and fabric that suits your figure. There is no point going for lycra if you have a few lumps and bumps. Satin goes for any body type and makes the wearer look polished and pretty, especially in the evening.

Also, don’t go for something too baggy as this can be unflattering .Keep the look simple to ensure that the jumpsuit is the focal point. Over accessorizing will not work for the jumpsuit. This piece is already complicated. A simple necklace, slim bangles and a nice ring are just enough. You can also choose to go without any neck piece at all. Accessorize with a bright patent clutch for a modern, playful (but still grown up) edge.

Do bold colors. Yes, although this one piece beauty is already dressy, popping it up with bold colors like purple, dark blue or gold will complement it well.

For the petite woman, wear it with heels to lengthen your legs and elongate your silhouette. For the tall and sleek, balance out your look with cute plain flat sandals.

For hair styles, keeping it simple is key. Hair neatly pulled back and rolled into a bun or styled in a plaited up do gives you an angelic look.

Jumpsuits are versatile enough to be worn in a variety of settings and a fun alternative to women’s pants.

So if you haven’t got a jumpsuit in your wardrobe, Go get yours now!!!

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