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Going Floral The Right Way

Anuoluwapo Moses

A floral dress looks playful yet brilliant. In the past, designers and fashionistas shied away from floral print dresses, since they were considered too girlish for the modern woman. A floral outfit brightens up the wearer’s appearance and offers more colour and visual appeal than solid-colour dresses. Owing to this, any wearer must choose their accessories carefully to avoid overwhelming other people’s eyes. Choose your footwear to complement the dress as well as match with the function you are going to. Sandals are popular, especially during hot weather.

If they are flat or low-heeled, they are a good option for occasions when you plan to move about. A floral print dress can be transformed from day to evening wear by pairing it with high-heeled sandals. A floral dress can be compared to a little black dress when creatively accessorized. A knee-length floral dress can be transformed from casual to professional by topping it with a fitted jacket and work-appropriate heels, such as pumps or wedges. Jewelry is of importance, but too much of it will kill the whole look. Floral prints have strong patterns, which call for simple jewelry.

A small, distinctive necklace, like a silver locket or pendant, is a great complement to a floral dress. The same applies when selecting earrings; simple studs or loops can work well. However, you can still complement your dress with ornate earrings in matching colours to add visual appeal or you can forgo necklaces all together and opt for bangles or bracelets for a polished look. Adding a belt is another option. Nothing adds contrast and gives definition to a look as wearing a belt does. For a multi-coloured dress, choose a belt that matches one of the colours in the dress. For contrast, black and white floral print dresses can work with nearly any accessory colour, although they look appealing with a red belt

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