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Minister Promises 1,000 MW To End Blackouts

Ghana will add 1,000 megawatts to its power capacity by the end of 2015 and end a series of rolling blackouts, Minister for Power Kwabena Donkor has said, repeating a promise to resign if the problem is not resolved by December 31.

Power generation has become a serious political and economic issue in the West African nation due to cuts that frequently last 24 hours, raising the cost of doing business, hampering the economy and angering voters. “We are bringing in different solutions. We already have in the country some plants under construction. We are fast-tracking the completion of those plants,” he said at a conference in Dubai.

Other power plants are being expanded and the government will also introduce new forms of electricity generation using power barges and gas, he said, adding that the government would increase Ghana’s grid capacity from 2,850 megawatts now. “By the end of December load shedding will have ended. I am crazy enough to have said I will resign from my position if load shedding goes beyond December 31, 2015 … I have put my head on the block,” he said.

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