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Lebanese Businessman Accused Of Hezbollah Ties Expelled

A Lebanese businessman accused by the United States of providing financial support to the Lebanese militant movement Hezbollah left Gambia at the weekend in compliance with an expulsion order, government sources said. Husayn Tajideen, known locally as an importer of rice and flour to the small West African country, was accused of “unacceptable business practices that are detrimental to the Gambian economy”, state television said last week.

It added that he had 30 days to close all local businesses. Tajideen was not immediately reachable for comment. Staff at a supermarket that serves as one of his main businesses in Gambia declined to comment on his expulsion. Tajideen’s family has in the past denied accusations that some of its businesses serve as fronts for Hezbollah.

The United States accuses Tajideen and two brothers of running an African business network reaching as far as Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo that helps finance Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Shi’ite Muslim group.

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