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Four Arrested Over Albino Murder

Malawi police on Wednesday said they had arrested people suspected of murdering an albino man five months ago to sell his bones for witchcraft.

Symon Mukota was abducted from his village at night in December, with police accusing his suspects of killing him, removing his bones and burying his remains in a riverbed.

The four men were arrested on murder charges following a tip-off after “they failed to find a market for the bones,” police spokeswoman Patricia Sipiliyano told state television MBC.

“The four suspects were found with bones believed to be of an albino who went missing in December,” Sipiliyano said.

Six albinos have been killed since December, according to the Association of persons with Albinism in Malawi.

Albinos, who are very pale due to a hereditary genetic condition that causes an absence . of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes, are sometimes killed for their body parts in parts of Africa.

Malawi police have been ordered to target criminals who kill albinos to sell their bones for witchcraft.

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