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EU And Kenya Step Up Cooperation On Climate Change



The European Union and Kenya have committed to continue and strengthen cooperation on climate change in the run up to the adoption of a new global climate deal in Paris this December.

During a joint EU-Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Regional development authorities Climate change public awareness forum in Nairobi, The Ambassador of the EU to Kenya, Stefano A. Dejak said: “The Paris conference will be a historic opportunity to accelerate the shift to a low-carbon, climateresilient global economy. People around the world are looking to their leaders for a signal that they are ready and willing to take decisive action to tackle climate change. The EU and its Member States are committed to doing their part and working with our partners to ensure that Paris is a success.”

Virtually all countries of the world will gather together at the Paris climate conference (COP21) to conclude a new global climate change agreement.

The EU is committed to ensuring the adoption of a legally binding, ambitious and fair international agreement applicable to all countries that is capable of keeping the global average temperature rise below 2°C and avoiding dangerous climate change.

For the EU, there are four key elements to a successful deal. These are: ambitious emissions reduction commitments, a shared destination of travel in the form of a long-term goal, a five-yearly review cycle to consider and strengthen emissions targets, and strong transparency and accountability rules to give stakeholders confidence that countries will deliver on their commitments

. As well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the new agreement must also address adaptation to the impacts of climate change and the mobilisation of finance for climate action.

On her part Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Authorities Prof Judi Wakhungu said ‘In recognition of the threats posed by climate change challenge, Kenya has taken measures to secure the country’s development against the risks and impacts of climate change. The country is on track to achieve the Constitutional requirement of achieving and maintaining a tree cover of at least 10 % of the land area. Moreover, Kenya has already introduced a range of low carbon and climate resilient options across many sectors.


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