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Activist Seeks To Dispose Taylor’s Assets

Liberian rights activist and Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee has called for former president Charles Taylor’s assets to be sold off to help the victims of Sierra Leone’s civil war.

“Justice will finally be served if all of his assets are sold off and some of the proceeds given to these people,”

Gbowee said at “Women in the World”, a forum organised by British-American journalist Tina Brown. Gbowee won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for leading a women’s movement in Liberia that demanded an end to the brutal 1991-2002 war that left tens of thousands dead.

Taylor was jailed for 50 years in 2012 on 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity over acts committed by Sierra Leonean rebels he aided and abetted.

He is currently being held in a maximum-security British prison. “If you look at the images of people that have suffered in Sierra Leone, images of one hand, two hands chopped off, these people will forever struggle,” Gbowee said.

“Taylor, even though is in prison, he has three meals a day. When he’s sick he will see the doctor and when there is something wrong, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch” will complain, she added.

But she added: “It’s good that he is in prison because the rest of people who are ruling Africa and think that they can treat people any way will finally realise that we cannot do things with impunity.”

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