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GHANA : China-Ghana Cooperation Expands

Chinese agrochemical giants Wynca has captured at least a 40 percent share of the market in Ghana after three years of operation in the country, the company’s Ghanaian subsidiary said on Monday.

Business in Ghana has been flour- ishing since the manufacturing plant started operation in 2012 because of the high quality of the company’s products, said Li Chaodong, presi- dent of Wynca Sunshine.

Speaking during a celebration of the 55th anniversary of the establish- ment of diplomatic relations between China and Ghana, Li said the compa- ny established its foothold in Ghana and West Africa by acquiring major- ity stakes in a local chemicals distributor Sunshine to form the Ghanaian subsidiary Wynca-Sunshine.

“The total investment here is 40 million dollars and the cost of op- erations including workers salaries, annually is around two million dollars. We can spend about 3.5 million dollars annually,” he told Xinhua in a separate interview.

The plant produces 1,000 kilo liters of herbicides monthly and 117,000 knapsack sprayers in a year using recycled materials. In 2014 alone the company made a sale of over 50 mil- lion dollars in the Ghanaian and West African market.

Another company, China Geo En- gineering Corporation (CGEC) said it wants to help transform Ghana’s second largest city Kumasi into the country’s most beautiful city as it is constructing a Clover Leaf shaped interchange at suburb of the inland city.

The project, with an estimated cost of 150 million U.S dollars, is fully funded by the government of Ghana. It includes the reconstruction of the 11 kilometer Sunyani road in Kunasi, with two interchanges with the con- tract awarded in 2007.

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